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Jimbo here.

I've been writing fanfic for several years now and storing it in this LJ.

I started out writing mostly Gamble/Street stuff from the movie 'S.W.A.T.' (where my hubby and I got our original online monikers), but I branched out and started writing other stuff, like James Bond, Braveheart, Miami Vice and 'Top Gun.' I've even written a nasty 'Star Wars' ficlet! Who knows what I'll write next. This journal represents a dozen or so different fandoms. This past year Bri and I started a couple communities for Showtime's 'The Tudors,' but we haven't done much with 'em, and I've only written one story in this genre.

Look in the memories for the fanfic, listed by genre and pairing. Feel free to friend this LJ if you'd like to keep up with my intermittent attempts, or comment if you want, friend or not. Glad to hear from you!

Happy reading.

lapd dot org

November, 2005-November, 2007

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